All the Small Ways to Make Coffee

Three ingredients are all it takes to make coffee: filter, water and ground coffee. (Okay, really only grinds and water, also known as the Cowboy method, but the filter is a nice addition).

The art and science comes down to the brewing method — which is largely based upon preference. And, believe it or not, many of our preferences stem from fond memories of get togethers or “how mom used to make” methods.

In fact, there are three different coffee drinkers:

1) The social drinker (only has a cup when meeting with friends or at an event);

2) The Pick-Up Drinker (stops at a coffee shop for morning cup of Joe but doesn’t make it at home);

3) This Just Got Real (the person who has at least one brewing method, coffee and a grinder at home).

What we have found is that many of the Pick-Up Drinkers transitioned into the “This Just Got Real” category during COVID. And a lot of people are starting to brew at home – for cost and for flavour.

If you are one of them, you are not alone! Coffee has always had a place in our hearts and we like to experiment with the different flavours the different methods create with the same bean.

These are the ways we make coffee in our house . . . what is your preferred brewing method?

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